Karen – Mayer, MN

“My Australian Shepherd started gaiting just a little “off”. Having used Michelle for some massage therapy after a trial before, I decided to use her again to get some insight to the issue. Not only was Michelle helpful in my dog’s recovery by locating and working through some very bundled up muscles, but I was instructed on some more warm‐ups and massaging to keep things on track. I am totally convinced that my dog would have incurred a serious injury without Michelle’s complete attention and knowledge of what I was dealing with. I will always use her and recommend her to everyone I can.”

Annelise – Stacy, MN

“I went to Michelle at a trial because Sinco was not weaving well. Michelle found muscle soreness in her back that was severe enough to be causing her problems and to warrant pulling her from the trial and this soreness was confirmed later that week by a vet chiropractor. I think canine massage therapists are invaluable for all dogs but especially for performance dogs because many injuries can be prevented by massage and many problems that need veterinary/chiropractic care can be detected much earlier which makes treatments/rehab much easier. I attribute their care to keeping all of my agility dogs sound and feeling good when running in agility, obedience and herding.”

Shari – Prior Lake, MN

“My young Sheltie Zippy is like a tightly wound spring; massage has helped to ease that tension, and Michelle has shown me some simple ways to keep it up between trials.”

Gary – St. Louis Park, MN

“My Standard Poodle Zoe’s performance in agility has improved significantly since we began regular massage with Michelle.”

Andy and Linda – Howard Lake, MN

“We have two 8‐1/2 yr old American Bull Dogs. They have never been athletes but both have had knee surgeries and suffer with hip displasia and athritis. Michelle Bame has been providing our dogs relief though massage for about 3 years. Our dogs love the massage (and Michelle) and respond well. We feel it is a great tool for the over all health of our dogs.”

Rick – Minnetonka, MN

“Michelle was wonderful with my dog. Our dog is usually very nervous with new people and she was completely comfortable with Michelle within minutes. Michelle also gave me great instruction on how to properly stretch my dogs muscles.”

Wencke and Journey – St. Louis Park, MN

“Michelle was incredibly forthcoming with information I could use to make Agility a safe and happy experience for my novice canine athlete. I do not own a quiet dog, but under Michelle’s hands, Journey relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed her massage.”

Julie – St. Louis Park, MN

“I credit regular appointments with Michelle Bame as the main reason for Fingal still being able to compete at 9‐1/2. Fingal always runs better after a warm‐up massage from Michelle. Fingal can be a bit crabby about being massaged, but Michelle has won him over.”

Shirley – Wrenshall, MN

“Whisk can’t wait to jump on Michelle’s table at the end of a day of agility competition. She takes out all the knots and soreness. And it makes me feel good to know I’m doing something so good for my dog and team mate!”

Maria – Minneapolis, MN

“Michelle has worked on my own dog with massage, and I have referred client’s pets for her services with excellent resolution of medical issues. I believe Michelle offers a valuable service to our canine friends.”

Janet – Cologne, MN

“My German Shepherd dog Sky, at 3 years old, had major back surgery‐a herniated disk and a broken bone in his spine. I feel that Michelle’s bi monthly massages have enabled Sky to continue his agility career. I also think he is much more flexible and able to easily jump on to my bed where he hesitated before. Sky was a little nervous during his first visits with Michelle but now is quite happy to lay down on the massage area for his massage.”

Becky – Prior Lake, MN

“Michelle can find and relieve subtle strains in my dogs before they become injuries. It’s not a skill that I or my vet have, so regular massage has helped prevent discomfort and injury in my “canine athlete”. She also has freely referred me to others for further treatment when my dogs have needed it. Michelle has been an invaluable resource for maintaining the wellness of all my dogs, whether they are competing or not.”

Laura – Minneapolis, MN

“Need your dog to loosen up or engage their brain? Want to see if that “what the heck?” run was just a fluke…visit Michelle!  Zak is one of those dogs who gets TOO excited at agility. Michelle helps calm him down and mesh his mind and body!  The dogs are tired after an agility weekend. After agility and a visit to Michelle they are relaxed and napping!  We have a hard time knowing when things are just a little “off” with our dogs. Michelle find s those “off” spots and helps relieve them before they become a major injury!  There is nothing like seeing your dog go from uneasy to dozing stretched out on the table making those “THAT’s the spot!” groans to put a smile on both your faces!  Greta gets very stressed at trials; there is just so much for her to have to “supervise”. Michelle helps her take a break. Overtired muscles and brains get stiff. Michelle helps loosen them both up!  Puppies play HARD, sometimes a bit too hard. Michelle gets them used to being handled and works out their kinks! Fabian adores his visits with Michelle. She gets all those old(er) dog parts stretched out, loosened up, and ready for action or cuddling!”

Chris – Prior Lake, MN

“I trust Michelle to evaluate my dogs before we run at an agility trial, help them get loosened up, and stay loose all day long, until the end of the day work to make sure they are in top competitive form.”

Barb – Minneapolis, MN

“After 2 injuries in 3 years, I would not be competing in agility with my Aussie, Solar if not for regular massages (and a rehab program). Michelle lets me know what Solar can’t tell me‐‐‐where the tight spots and potential for re‐injury are. And, the bonus? Solar ADORES Michelle!”